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You like the mountains, you live in Europe, you have already ventured several times in the mountains of the Alpine Arc in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France for long bike rides. You have inevitably been enchanted by each place which gives off a different energy and strength each time.


We offer you at the Trans Alpes Magnus 2850K # 3 to cross the entire Alpine arc from east to west in one go from June 25 to July 11, 2021!




You will leave from the capital in Slovenia (Ljubljana) to cover 2850K in total autonomy on a route that includes 20 checkpoints that will be placed at the peaks of mythical passes.
You will cross the entire mountain range of the Alpine Arc without avoiding the passes. The objective is not to cross the Alpine arc as quickly as possible by taking as many valleys as possible, that would make no sense and it is absolutely not our vision of this adventure.




This is why we have decided to impose 20CP on you and also 61 compulsory transit cities (there may be a few less for 2021) which will have to be taken in order. This is a way for us to impose a course on you that you will have to trace yourself.

You will leave equipped with a GPS beacon in order to offer the public, families and participants a live tracking which can be carried out on a computer or your mobile phone thanks to an application.

You will have to thwart the pitfalls and the difficulties of the mountain in order to evolve as safely as possible. It is a crossing which has a deep meaning and which will mark until the end of your old age. You will go through moments of emotions that will discourage you and others that will literally transport you to tears in your eyes.

The Trans Alpes Magnus 2850K # 3 will experience its n ° 3 edition in 2021. If you want to be part of the adventure, registrations will be limited to 50 riders.


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Trans Alpes Magnus Race # 3
Trans Alpes Magnus Race # 3


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