Trans - Alpes Magnus 2850K

Our DNA at La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Adventure is the mountains, the peaks, the passes, the altitude, the unpredictable weather, the massifs, the hills, the foothills, the tracks, the valleys, the secondary roads, the hilltop villages, the emblematic animals, the wild side of the place, the challenge they represent.


Trans Alpes Magnus Race | The Baroudeuse Bikapacking ROAD RACE


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking is proud to announce the second edition of the Trans - Alpes Magnus 2850K which will take place from August 15 to August 30, 2020. It will leave for Slovenia in Ljubljana to arrive near Nice, in the medieval village of Peille.

The route of the course will be unveiled by the end of February and will offer some great new features! The 5 countries of Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France are unmissable.

What we want you to live is an experience that will mark you for life, a physical and moral challenge that will force you to surpass yourself. Our experience always brings us back to the most beautiful thing about cycling and that is the mountains. We love the dish, it's relaxing it's true, but when you want to see what's beautiful, you have to climb up to contemplate what nature offers us.

We love the bike, we love to travel, we know what most transcends souls in love with physical challenges that live up to their expectations. This is why the Trans - Alpes Magnus 2850K was born.


Trans Alpes Magnus Race | The Baroudeuse Bikapacking ROAD RACE








Because you will be proud to be able to say:

  • I crossed the entire Alpine Arc from east to west by bike.
  • I climbed more elevation in 12 days (+ or -) with my bike than in a year with my car.
  • I was able to contemplate the Milky Way at the top of a mythical pass at 1:27 am, it was incredible.
  • I had euphoric moments, others of doubt on the verge of abandonment but I won my freedom and I did not know I was capable of that, I still cannot believe that I left Slovenia and to be there today.
  • I wanted to see the mountains and I will also remember these magnificent lakes of indescribable turquoise water.
  • I had the impression of evolving in a living painting with constantly changing decorations, all these colors were wouaaaahhhhh.
  • The weather was not very nice that day, it was loaded with clouds, I gained altitude to pass first through these thick cold clouds, it was "mordor" when everything flew away. 'a blow ! I was then able to pedal above an incredible sea of ​​clouds with such a blue sky. I was no longer cold, I forgot all the difficulties and I contemplated the Earth seen from the sky.


Trans Alpes Magnus Race | The Baroudeuse Bikapacking ROAD RACE
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