Trans Alpes Magnus 2850K - Edition N ° 2

The Arc Alpin is big, it is a gigantic racetrack for us founders of La Baroudeuse Road Adventure. We offer you a trace monumental on a monument of Europe, the Complete crossing of the Alpine Arc from east to west: the Trans Alpes 2850K.


Trans Alps Magnus Race 2020


We invite you to discover the route of the Trans Alpes Magnus 2850K who will depart from the Slovenia, to the capital: Ljubljana to end in France à Nice, in a medieval and typical village well known in the cycling world: Peille Village.

You will find 20 CHECKPOINTS that will be sensational collar tops and highlights. In a way, we want to neutralize a large part of the course so that the riders take more or less the same track during the 2850K. We don't want this to be a free route like the Transcontinental Race. However, you will find areas where you will have to study your trail a little more, for example in the Italian Dolomites between Cortina d'Ampezzo and Bolzano. In this way, our two wishes will be granted:

  • You will evolve in incredible panoramas and you will be amazed.
  • The race will be played more on the pedal and in the management of oneself.

You will therefore have to trace your route of this Trans Alpes Magnus on 2850K - 20CP and 61 cities where the passage will be compulsory. In order to help you with the task, here is the race plan at the bottom of the page that you can work on thanks to the best platform created for the adventurous cyclists that you are: Komoot.

> Have you already registered for the Trans Alpes Magnus or would you like to do so? Each participant will receive a World Pack before the race, which will allow you to use Komoot unrestricted wherever you want. You can put all your routes offline on your smartphone just in case, export your work to GPX or use the pairing between Komoot and Garmin and Wahoo devices (USB cables are outdated). You can therefore prepare for your race without worry and without paying an additional euro.


Komoot partner of La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race



Komoot will be the ideal tool to help you prepare for the Trans Alpes Magnus : you will be able to study the difference in height and the different types of terrain to adjust your route and your equipment, as well as optimize your route between the CPs and the obligatory towns using the planning tool.

By the way, you can already start floor thanks to this collection which brings together all the CPs of the 2020 edition, in the order in which they must be practiced.

  • If you don't have an account yet Komoot, it's time to get started!
  • By clicking on the button "Record" full Collection, you can easily find it in your profile.
  • Then it's up to you: save all the CPs that have been created on komoot as “Unmissable”, these red dots created by the user community. In the field “Find a place / address” of the route planner, you can then choose to display only your saved places.
  • Then just use Komoot to plot your routes, playing with the type of sport, choosing more rolling routes or on the contrary further away from traffic ... In short, get to the heart of the matter!



Coaching - Preparation for La Baroudeuse Bikepacking | STAGE Gravel - MTB Adventure preparation

And if you want even more detail, Komoot has put together some pretty damn good guides.


Trans Alps Magnus Race 2020
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