Everything to get out of your comfort zone at the Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon

“It is as a Gladiator that you will be on the starting line, it is as a free man that you will have to cross the finish line. "

The Côte d'Azur in the Alpes Maritimes is symbolized by the sea, the nightlife, vacations, crowded beaches, the sun, restaurants, the crowd, civilization, money, luxury. We are in the south-east of France and welcome to the Mercantourman who will make you leave the unreal world to find yourself facing yourself: in the real, in your reality.


On the strength of a very rich coastal area it is true, the Alpes-Maritimes are richer in nature than in concrete. 90% of the area of ​​the Department is represented by wild mountains. It only takes a few turns of the cranks to leave this space that makes us robots in order to find ourselves in the middle of nature.


A return to the sources, a return to the real world.


Loving nature will not be enough to meet the challenge of Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon. It will be necessary to be hungry to discover the life according to Mercantourman. For that it will be necessary to finish it in order to gain your freedom.

You are used to being pampered as soon as you arrive at an event, we guide you, we apologize for you, we provide you with supplies, we throw your waste at you, we chant your name on the start line and at the On arrival, we pass the medal around your neck, we make you go around in circles, the carpet never ceases to be red.


We no longer want to go around in circles like slaves, we want to be free, we want to move forward to explore in order to be in front of ourselves.



Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon 2021 - Bivouac in tent authorized


It is as a Gladiator that you will arrive on the starting line, it is as a free man that you will have to cross the finish line.



Le Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon will allow you to leave the unreal world in which we live and flounder today. We are prisoners, locked in a society which is slowly reaching a point of no return, which no longer evolves and which makes us prisoners of a system.

That is why :

  • the central idea of ​​the Mercantourman is to gain your freedom as a slave.
  • you will not turn in circles but you will cross the Alpes Maritimes.
  • you will be in total autonomy.
  • you will be immersed in nature.
  • you will sleep outside.
  • you will see the sun rise and set twice.
  • you will have to orient yourself.
  • you will have to connect to the present moment and to what you will experience.
  • you will have to love to move forward and be courageous in the face of the elements.
  • you will have to respect the challenge that is thrown at you.
  • you will have to deal with the weather at the time.
  • you will share your finish line with your Staff (family, friends).

You will need to find your way throughout the adventure in order to never leave it. This common thread called "GPX track" will allow you to gain your freedom if you manage to thwart all the traps that will get in your way.


You yourself are your own enemy against the Mercantourman.


In the unreal world we know how to live, we know how to drink, eat, consume. In the reality of the Mercanturman, you will have to find the resources that will connect you to the essential.
We lose sight of the essential; that life itself is an Adventure to be lived. And why not start the rest of your life with the Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon, the rudius in hand, the feeling of freedom found!






Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon 2021 - Gravel bike
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