Take the Rudius Challenge

rudius challenge

Because you know that Team Baroudeur likes to offer extraordinary challenges in the mountains which are already recognized as the most demanding in Europe, we have decided this year to create the Rudius Challenge.

This challenge represents the culmination and the culmination of our passion for extreme sports through the events that we have been developing for six years. We suggest you mix the three key disciplines of the organization: the road, the MTB et triathlon.

This challenge has the particularity of being able to be taken up over several years, without any set time limit. This challenge will highlight complete and unique athlete profiles in extreme ultra-endurance mountain sports.

The goal is to gain your freedom on the key distances of our three events:

TransAlpes Logo

TransAlpes 2850K – 1200K


Backpacker Unpaved Logo

Unpaved 1000K Backpacker


Mercantour Man Xtrem triathlon logo

Mercantourman XTREM FULL


Gladiators who already have one of these three adventures on their record can join the challenge at any time. Once your three rudius together, you will win the challenge and therefore a GOLDEN RUDIUS which will symbolize the realization of the complete ultra-enduring athlete that you have become.

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