Results - La Baroudeuse UNPAVED Race 2019

We are in the Alpes Maritimes and this summer took place one of the most beautiful and difficult bikepacking events in France and Europe in MTB, Mountain Bike and / or gravel: La Baroudeuse UNPAVED RACE. The Romans lead the way and the Gladiators will try to gain their freedom by completing their course.

A test ofultracyclism in total autonomy, without assistance in nature. An event that allows you to go to the depths of you, which allows you to rediscover cycling in another way, this Adventurous facet where no one will be there to help you in the event of a hardship. The riders on runners for this third edition had the choice between three distances 1150K ou 650K ou 317K.


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Augustus 1150K
La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Briefing Augustus 1150K










You must enjoy pedaling, pushing, going at night, solving all your mechanical and physical problems on your own, taming your fears, communicating with nature and animals, navigating in the middle of the mountains, juggling and adapting to the weather. Congratulations to all the finishers who crossed the finish line.

You can find the results of La Baroudeuse UNPAVED RACE 2019 here.

Congratulations to everyone!


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Start Augustus 1150K
Maxime Barat future winner on the Augustus 1150K











We will retain this year on the Augustus 1150K:

  • the formidable solo race of Maxime Barat who excelled in setting a great time of 5J 7h 10 ′.
  • two finishers will have completed the entire course. Four finishers will be forced to cut part of the track following the instructions of the race director so that they can finish on time and avoid a very difficult passage.
  • everyone has a positive but completely different opinion on the proposed course. What is difficult for one, remains a truth but a pleasure for someone else. What will be a boring part of the course for one rider will be an opportunity to rest for another and therefore welcome. What is difficult for one such as a pushing portion for example will be a formality for another because he expected it and that is an integral part of bikepacking in the mountains.
  • the abandonment of Antoine Picard, Ben Steurbaut and Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan who were among the favorites for the victory.
  • the ketogenic diet of Yann Thomas who unfortunately had to stop due to a buttock injury. Incredible story here of a guy who did not eat during the ordeal!
  • the diversity of the machines of the riders with Monster Cross, Titanium, Carbon, aluminum, steel, Gravel, rigid, suspended, the big tubeless section, the less big.
  • only one female Lucie Belkaious had the courage to come to the start of the great course. We thought she was going to do it and unfortunately physical problems forced her to stop. It was beautiful.
  • the sun was the number 1 enemy of riders, long before the many climbs that had to be faced. The guy will have done some damage.



La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Augustus 1150K


We will retain on the Quintus 650K:

  • that it was surprisingly on this intermediate distance that there were the fewest runners. Yet on a complete course, physically accessible. It offered the park of the Verdon and the High and Middle Mountain. 9 at the start.
  • Three will see the finish line and complete the podium, bravo to Yann, Jean Minh and Frédéric.
  • that it took 3 days 11h and 40 ′ for Yann to win the event and 4 days 8h 20 ′ for Fréd which leaves you an opportunity to see how many days off you could take in order to participate and to have the chance to take full eyes.
  • all 3 loved this fantastic course.



La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Quintus 650K
La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Race 2019 - Quintus 650K










We will retain on the Maximus 317K:

  • that it is the "flagship" race since the most accessible in thermal time and which includes among the most beautiful passages of The UNPAVED RACE Baroudeuse.
  • that the record for the event fell to 24h10 ′ and honors to Joachim Mendler who lowered the mark by a few minutes. He had come for that!
  • a question now remains: who will pass within 24 hours?
  • the gap between the first and the rest of the riders is impressive.
  • Sylvain Tassy from Baroudeur Community for his first participation in an event of this kind is ranked third.
  • that it is possible to do this distance in 1 or 2 or 3 days. Some have chosen 100K per day with rest in a hotel, which is very good.
  • that we advance more serenely in teams of two, as proof of the 5 magnificent teams who finished.
  • that there was only one female ready to take up the challenge of Mercantour.
  • that the smiles and the bright eyes on the finish line showed us that our job had been done, well done!


Beyond all these points, it is good to remember that the organizers gave the maximum to satisfy the riders both in the study of the courses which was made in the entirety as by the reception of the participants before their departure as well as the arrivals. Crazy energy is deployed for several months to build all this! Thanks to the municipality of La turbie which has made its infrastructure available to welcome runners at the top level: sleeping and showering on site free of charge. Thank you to the sponsors & partners of the event who helped make this third edition a total success: NOVOS - CHIRU BIKES - BAROUDEUR ULTRA CYCLING TEAM - BAROUDEUR COMMUNITY - LA TURBIE

La Baroudeuse UNPAVED RACE 2019 - Departure
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