Results - La Baroudeuse ROAD Race 2019

The Alpes Maritimes were once again in the spotlight at the end of August with a flagship event of ultra-cycling in self-sufficiency exclusively on the road. Forget your mountain bikes or gravel bikes with large sections, the road bike was the bike you needed to participate in the 3rd edition of La Baroudeuse Bikepacking ROAD RACE. A good section of tires between 28 and 32 and go!

La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - TRANS ALPES CP6 Switzerland Col Saint Gothard


The Paris-Brest-Paris, which takes place every 4 years, also gave an appointment to the large global family of cyclo hikers at the same time as The ROAD RACE Baroudeuse that is to say between mid August and late August: from 19 to 01 September. The practice of long distance is evolving, changing and hikers are increasingly asking for the racing spirit in ultra format. What was practiced before in hiking mode now tends to evolve towards a mind focused more on hiking. performance. It takes for everyone !

The Baroudeuse is proud to have organized for the first time a unique race: the TRANS ALPES in its entirety from east to west by 5 countries - 2700K: it was one of three possible distances you could start. From Ljubljana in Slovenia with arrival in France near Nice in a typical village: Peille. 800K and 400K were the other two racing distances. For cyclists who hate the monotony of the flat and the cornfields, La Baroudeuse takes place entirely in medium and high mountains! Be careful, we regularly have fractures of the retinas, the landscapes are so breathtaking.


La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Peille departure village
La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Titus Race










We would like to congratulate all the riders who had the courage to register, the strength to prepare for many months and the physical and mental capacities to cross the finish line in order to win their ultimate freedom of Gladiator! Because at La Baroudeuse our riders are Gladiators who go into battle: their only way to gain freedom is to complete the course they are on. If they don't see the finish line, we keep them prisoners until the following year, we keep them in intensive training camp.

You can find all the results of the tests The ROAD RACE 2019 Baroudeuse here

Congratulations to all !

We will retain on the TRANS ALPES - Magnus RACE 2700K:

  • 5 nationalities were represented.
  • it took 10 days 9h and 10 ′ for Benjamin Pérez (Switzerland) to win the Trans Alpes - Magnus Race.
  • Christophe Lengay, who started in a team of two, had to continue solo alone after asking us for our agreement because his partner was injured after 24 hours of cycling.
  • Géraldine Le Fralliec first female will have taken 13 days 9h and 40 ′.
  • the weather was pretty good during the event.
  • the smiles on arrival spoke volumes about what the adventurers had been through.
  • Bastien Montanvert is the only one to have chosen the impressive Col Rombo (or Timmelsjoch) between Italy and Austria.
  • the village of Peille shone under the colors of La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE.
La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Deane Hill

We will remember about the Titus RACE 800K:

  • it is an Englishman who wins the Titus Race 800K: Deane Hill in 3d 4h 50 ′.
  • followed for a few hours by Danny Villeroi, who came from Belgium.
  • two French win the DUO event: Thibault Noyer and David Sérillon in 4d 5h 29 ′.
  • they were all amazed at the variety of the route, facing the different summits of the Alps that were offered to them between France and Italy.
  • they had favorable weather during their journey.
  • all loved taking the wonderful and lovely cycle path by the sea at the end of the route: the ultimate flat moment that they were able to fully appreciate.
  • the last pass of the adventure: the Col de la Madone from Menton offered them a magnificent view of the arrival village of Peille.



La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - TRANS ALPES


We will remember about the Brutus RACE 400K:

  • the best time was signed by locals who participated in DUOs: Alexandre Pettinati and Christophe Morin set a good time of 24h16 ′.
  • it is a Frenchman who wins the solo event in 25h48 ′: Bravo Gérard Rumen.
  • the event was a little tactical because some feared the Col de la Bonette at 2800m and its passage at night.
  • the weather mingled with the game on the Brutus Race and guided tactical choices that have paid off for some and less for others.
  • Xavier and Dirk fought a battle in the last and final ascent to the village of Peille and they will have made us laugh!
  • the event is open to all, as proof Benjamin and Bastien lived their ultra in 2 days and ten hours. Why not you !
  • they all want to come back and try the Titus Race 800K next year.
  • the organization was there to welcome each of them over all distances and the biggest Ultra is dedicated to Coralie and Cédric who, alongside their work, keep this race alive with passion, never forget it!

It should be remembered in general that all of our riders have completed their adventure happy, they have not all won their freedom but they will try it the following year. We, the organizers, have the feeling of a duty accomplished by seeing our participants fulfilled by the routes that we have proposed to them. The Alpes Maritimes, the hinterland of Nice and Monaco are full of a grandiose natural heritage that we only showcase through sport and ultra cycling. Obviously, thank you to our host village: Peille which allows you all to sleep in a building classified as heritage. Thank you all for your trust, see you soon.


La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Peille village
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