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The TransAlpes CMT is an ultra-distance self-sufficient road cycling adventure in the mountains in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. It is available in 4 distances: 400K for cyclists who wish to discover bikepacking, 800K to experience a very intense adventure between France and Italy, 1200K between Provence and high mountains and finally the TransAlpes 2850K, the complete crossing of the Alpine Arc by the 5 countries [ rudius challenge events ].

Over the kilometers and the difference in altitude, the mountains will reveal themselves to be of majestic beauty. They will allow you to travel through varied landscapes of incredible richness through exceptional Natural Parks, passes recognized and respected by all cyclists. At each pedal stroke, the breathtaking panoramas will parade throughout the 5 countries crossed! You will evolve through an incomparable fauna and flora which make the wealth of the TransAlpes CMT.

 »Last ascent before the next one. »

TransAlpes CMT – 2850K
Free departure

Departure from Slovenia: Ljubljana & Arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie – 65KD+

You wish to experience a crossing of the Alpine Arc in its entirety passing through the 5 flagship countries of our European mountains, so it's simple, come and challenge the biggest passes of Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. At La Baroudeuse, we do not go around the passes, we pass them one after the other in order to experience an extraordinary Adventure. This project is offered to you because La Baroudeuse was born from our pedal strokes through the crossing of the Alpine arc. We know what you are going to experience, we know where we want to take you. New this year 2023, no group departure, it is up to you to choose the best period in which you wish to organize your departure and after your registration, we will equip you with a GPS beacon.

Titus - 1200K

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie

1200K – 28000D+ – GPX track provided – 8 checkpoints

This ultra-distance adventure will allow you to travel between France and Italy. A first half will make you discover Provence from the inside with all its wildest side. The second half will immerse you in the footsteps of the Mythical Route des Grandes Alpes, in the heart of numerous Alpine Parks. You will cross and chain the highest passes between France and Italy. You will not only have to face the height difference of this formidable adventure but also the climatic conditions linked to the high mountains. Your decisions will be crucial in order to move forward in complete safety and discover the most beautiful panoramas in France. The checkpoints will be the peaks of mythical passes. Open your eyes wide, a unique and intense adventure awaits you!

Julius – 800K

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie

800K – 19000D+ – GPX track provided – checkpoints

This track resumes the adventure of the first kilometers made by the pioneers of the Baroudeurs. This demanding circuit clearly invites you to adventure, to challenge yourself, the mountains, the climate and nature. You will sail between France and Italy. We are in love with this trace, no doubt that if you manage to win your freedom, you will also become one. See you soon dear Baroudeurs, AVE!

Brutus - 400K

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie.

400K – 10000D+ – GPX track provided – 4 checkpoints

This ultra-distance adventure will allow you to discover ultra-cycling adventure and autonomy by bike on a mountainous and very demanding course. You will travel in the heart of the Mercantour National Park. This journey will allow you to live a very intense adventure which can be integrated more easily into your agenda. It is a distance that allows novices to try out the world of ultra-cycling in a version where the challenge is very high. The drop should not scare you, adjust your gear. The checkpoints will be the peaks of mythical passes.

Brutus will want to become Titus!

The sports coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the south-east of France, in the Alpes Maritimes near Nice in a village overlooking Monaco: La Turbie.

The TransAlpes CMT is an ultra-distance self-sufficient road cycling adventure that takes place in low, medium and high mountains. The proposed tracks will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe! Three routes are offered:

  • Titus 2850K - Semi free route - [test of the rudius challenge]

Departure from Slovenia to Ljubljana – crossing Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France via the Alpine Arc. Arrival in Nice La Turbie village.
Itinerary to be prepared according to our checkpoints.

  • Titus 1200K – 28000D+ – GPX track provided – [test of the rudius challenge]

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie.

  • Titus 800K - 19000D + - GPX trace provided.

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie

  • Brutus 400K - 10000D + - GPX trace provided - 4 checkpoints.

Departure & arrival in France near Nice in the village of La Turbie.

No, it is not a race, it is above all an adventure and a personal challenge of ultra cycling in total autonomy. The objective is to finish the event by following a GPX track provided. At the end of the event, we will publish a listing of all the finishers. Each finisher will be rewarded with an engraved wooden sword, a strong symbol of the Gladiators' freedom: the Rudius.

The prices are:

€ 341,00: TransAlpes 2850K - solo | (In duo: € 341,00 / pers.)  [test of the rudius challenge]
€ 251,00: Titus 1200K - solo | (In duo: 251,00 € / pers.)  [test of the rudius challenge]
€189,00: Julius 800K – solo | (Duet: €189,00 / pers.)
€ 161,00: Brutus 400K - solo | (In duo: 161,00 € / pers.)

Please note, from January 1 the rates are increased by 20%.


  • The GPX track of your route.
  • Security service: live tracking geolocation during your adventure with a high-precision service. Your loved ones will be able to follow you at any time. (The price includes the rental of the GPS beacon)
  • Insurance security service included: rescue costs | rescue fee | Repatriation assistance | cover in the event of damage caused to a third party | medical, surgical expenses, etc.
  • Meal offered during the welcome party on Saturday 20/07 in the evening with all the riders of La Baroudeuse Organization. [ eve of your departure ]
  • A bottle of Brasserie Gladius 33 cL. *
  • The official La Baroudeuse cap. *
  • A personalized refueling bag. *
  • A Rudius, engraved wooden sword for finishers only, symbol of your success and freedom. *
  • The possibility of sleeping in the village of La Turbie + shower service. (Equipment required from you: mattress + sleeping bag)

* You will need to be present at briefing and on arrival to receive your endowments. If you had to leave the premises quickly upon your arrival, your endowment and your personal belongings left during your journey can be sent to you at your expense.


No La Baroudeuse clearly does not set up a selection in order to start the elite from the ultra, no this is not our goal, it is expressed in the regulations and on the website.
Six years of experience now in the organization of La Baroudeuse, so six years of observation which allowed us to see that the best profiles were not necessarily the best cyclists on our routes. Many turned out to be finishers because they had the skills, the will, the morale that allowed them to go to the end of the Adventure. The ultimate desire to be a finisher without any notion of performance led them to brandish the rudius.
100% FINISHERS ON THE 2023 EDITION! [even if it wasn't the same in 2024]
La Baroudeuse is an extreme mountain adventure and even more so when you go up in distance. And the further you go, the more we want to make sure that you don't start by chance.
La Baroudeuse is a path that can also start with short distances that will make your CV of experience for future years. We are not closed!
Moreover, really motivated people do not hesitate to contact us and discuss what clearly proves a mental commitment from the start, well done that's what we are looking for.
We clearly want to pave the way for selection with diverse and varied sporting profiles. As indicated, you do not have to have only experience in cycling since we all have a different journey and in the end a very rich and complementary experience, just put it forward.
It is clear that the way we look at your file will be different if you want to participate in the 317K unpaved - 400K on the road or in the TransAlpes 2850K or 1000K unpaved.
Our goal is not only to look at your physical level but also your reactions to a given situation and also your motivation to want to participate.
People who turn back at the mere fact of being confronted with the registration stage are somewhere not ready for the adventures of La Baroudeuse.
Show us your motivation, enlighten us on your intention and the commitment that drives you to participate.
We want your experience and your investment to be complete. We are not mistaken, believe us because you will clearly live an extraordinary Adventure which will have no equal in Europe.
Let us also add that for us it is a not insignificant pledge of security to want to ensure the experience of our Gladiators in search of their freedom.
Do not hesitate if you need to talk to us.
'' Last ascent before the next. ''
The Baroudeur Team.

You (participating rider) or your Media team can make your adventure public by sharing photos and videos on social networks.

Completely free Media if:

The photos and videos that will be relayed on social networks and in the press before, during and after the event concern the athlete only. Only the athlete can be tagged and named using the "@" and "#". It will be totally excluded to tag Marks that could be assimilated to commercial advertising.

If you do not respect this rule, the athlete will be liable for the media cost that concerns him or he will not be considered a finisher. We will ensure that this rule is respected, a social media team will be dedicated to it.

Purchase of a Media Pack if:

You represent one or more Brands during La TransAlpes. All photos and videos taken, whether they are relayed on social networks during and after the event by "@" and "#" tags, or whether they are part of a collection of images in order to Allowing the production of an advertising film afterwards or otherwise will be considered Commercial Advertising.

If a Media team wishes to follow you in order to promote you and one or more Brand (s) through the event via social networks, film editing or any other press advertising return, we invite you to purchase a Media Pack when you register.

If you do not respect this rule, the athlete will be liable for the media cost that concerns him or he will not be considered a finisher. We will ensure that this rule is respected, a social media team will be dedicated to it.

> media pack cost for a brand (a sponsor): 62€
> media pack cost for two brands (two sponsors): 114€
> media pack cost for three brands (three sponsors): 155€
> media pack cost for four brands and more (four sponsors and more): 206€

Yes, you must be equipped with a GPS: the route you have chosen will be sent to you by email in the form of a GPX track to be loaded into your GPS and to follow on the day of departure.

The TransAlpes 2850K is carried out on a semi-free route, it is up to you to study the best possible route by integrating the 20CP and 61 compulsory towns. GPS is therefore mandatory.

Only the TransAlpes CMT 2850K will be carried out freely. We give you complete freedom throughout the summer to determine the best time for you to track this extraordinary adventure. No group departure is offered. Each rider will be equipped with a GPS beacon that we will provide to carry out his Adventure from Slovenia at the time of his choice. After registration, each rider is responsible for keeping the organization informed of their departure dates in order to better manage the follow-up. You will be insured and followed throughout your adventure, your rudius awaits you in France at La Turbie!

  • Saturday July 20 at 9 a.m.: reception of all participants in the village of La Turbie.

9 a.m. > 17 p.m.: individual check of mandatory and safety equipment for all riders.
17 p.m. > 18 p.m.: briefing and general instructions on the course.
18:30 p.m.: official distribution of GPS beacons.
19 p.m.: convivial welcome meal with all the riders of La Baroudeuse Organization: Baroudeuse unpaved + Trans Alpes + Gravel Camp.

  • Sunday July 21 at 5 a.m.: departure of all riders.


Reception of arrivals from the different routes from Monday July 22 to Sunday July 28 at 19 p.m.

Titus 2850K

TransAlpes CP
TransAlpes CP









Titus 1200K

Checkpoint 1: Gréoux les bains - km200
Checkpoint 2: Aouste sur Sye - km 400
Checkpoint 3: Grenoble CP Alpha Bike - km 540
Checkpoint 4: Col du Galibier - km 688
Checkpoint 5: Col de l'Izoard - km 743
Checkpoint 6: Col d'Agnel - km 783
Checkpoint 7: Col Sampeyre - km 830
Checkpoint 8: Col de la Fauniera - km 873
Checkpoint 9: Col de la Lombarde - km 929
Checkpoint 10:  Col de la Bonette - km 989
Checkpoint 11: Col de la Cayolle - km 1048
Checkpoint 12: Col de Turini - km 1180
Arrival Titus 1200K

Julius 800K

Checkpoint 1: Valberg station – km 126
Checkpoint 2: Col de la Cayolle - km 171
Checkpoint 3: Col de Vars – km 131
Checkpoint 4: Col de l'Izoard - km 313
Checkpoint 5: Col d'Agnel - km 351
Checkpoint 6: Col de Sampeyre – km 400
Checkpoint 7: Col de la Fauniera - km 440
Checkpoint 8: San Lorenzo seaside – km 709
Arrival Julius 800K

Raw 400K

Checkpoint 1: Col St Martin la Colmiane - km75
Checkpoint 2: Col de la Bonette - km150
Checkpoint 3: Col de la Cayolle – km210
Checkpoint 4: Village of Levens - km337
Arrival Brutus 400K

Yes, you can register as a team of two cyclists. The DUO will have to travel the entire trail together.

The Rudius Challenge concerns the most extreme and versatile Adventurers of ultra-endurance.
Find information about the Rudius Challenge here.

Any participant in the Challenge will receive a registration number that they will keep on each event.

The road bike is the right bike to participate in the adventure. Choose a section of comfort tires from 28. However, the choice of bike is personal to you.

For the Magnus, note that it is possible in Slovenia and parts of Austria and Italy to ride on clean gravel tracks.

In terms of gear, focus on comfort. Go with an adapted development planned for the mountain with loaded bikes and an organism that will tire over the days.

As an example, the maximum to mount for very good cyclists is a 34 (chainring) x 36 (rear cassette). We advise you to mount very flexible gears to go everywhere. Having a bad development can ruin your adventure! With a good gear, we go around the world ...
The idea is not to be able to ride very quickly with your development, on the contrary, it is to be able to go everywhere in the mountains without suffering. Don't think like a typical cyclist.

It is important that you plan the necessary before arriving at the village. You have to be autonomous from the start in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

You will find a “small casino” + 2 bakeries + 2 butchers + many restaurants & a bike shop: VELO BAO

Nice airport is located 25K - 500d + from the host village.

The nearest train station is 8K - 500d + from the host village.

Note that the village is 500m above sea level. You will therefore have a climb to come and a descent for the return.

On request, we can organize ourselves to pick you up & especially your bike!
Do not hesitate to ask us for the booking rates for this service.

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