MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon

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3,8K - 210 / 238K - 42K

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7000m D +

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Limited to 50 Triathletes


Le MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon - initial project [test of the rudius challenge] is an Adventure in an extreme universe: the Mountain in the heart of the National Parks of Mercantour and Ubaye. Although carried out over conventional “ironman” distances, the MercantourMan XTREM is an extraordinary event with a steep drop that takes place in the mountainous world. We are opening up a path in the world of Triathlon: that of self-guided adventure with Live Tracking. The Grande Traversée du Mercantour will make you swim in the Mediterranean, cycle on Road or Gravel - MTB of your choice and run on a Trail course to end the Adventure.


The permanent climatic instability of the mountain (snow, violent rainy episode, thunderstorm, storm) obliges me to make you aware of this universe which can have a direct impact on the course of the event and its conditions of participation. The freedom not to be politically attached to any municipality and to manage our transition areas in non-materialized spaces can save the Crossing! (Even more in these covid-19 hours). We must remain flexible in the face of initial project that we lead. We proved it from the first edition in 2020 with the snowy episode which forced us to completely modify the bike and trail routes. We respect nature, we have adapted and we have joined Embrun.


The identity of the MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon is clean and unique, you will have to start from the Mediterranean and try to reach Embrun by swimming, pedaling and running through the Department of the Alpes Maritimes, the Mercantour National Park and the Ubaye mountains. .
I like this idea of ​​the raw sporting challenge, in the real world, in front of myself and the elements. I like arriving at night without having my name cheered on a red carpet, all in a calm and serene atmosphere just like my Adventure. I love this finishline in the calm and cold night, the faces of my Staff Team moved by this crossing they lived with me, their applause clearly resounding louder than a hundred people gathered in the middle of the hazy air.


Leave with a light mind, accepting what nature will offer us as a playground. We must remain mobile facing the weather conditions in order to be able to move T2 at our ease. Moving T2 would lead to complete modifications to the bike and trail routes. It is the very essence of the MercantourMan XTREM to have to accept the weather conditions that will be given to us. We have a multitude of Crossing options that we will adapt if necessary. It is essential and crucial for me as the organizer that you understand the process of this event. You must integrate this dimension and conception of Adventure without materializing the spaces and where you will be completely autonomous in nature.

I hope that the participants of the MercantourMan XTREM share these simple values ​​and that they join me in this noble practice of sporting challenge in nature.  I therefore present the initial project to you.

Cedric amand

MercantourMan XTREM 2023 - Swimming
3,8K traverse

Departure: Cap d'Ail - Plage de la Mala
Arrival T1: Eze seaside - Port Silva Maris

The Crossing will begin with a magical swim that will take you along the coastal coastline in the middle of the Mediterranean. You will appreciate this departure in the middle of the night at 5:30 a.m. from the wild beach of La Mala where the sun will begin its ascent when your head is in the water, the magic will work. You will feel from the beginning the magic of a long day of sporting Adventure which begins since you will also see it lying down in full effort. It is after passing Cap Estel that you will head towards Eze seaside and its long pebble beach with its intimate port at the end of the beach. You will have arrived at T1.

MercantourMan XTREM 2023 - Road bike
210K crossing | 5500D +

Departure T1: Eze seaside - Port Silva Maris
Arrival T2: Barcelonnette and / or surroundings

To be chosen when you register, the Road or Gravel bike route option will start from the seaside at altitude 0 to go deep into the mountains of the Mercantour National Park to join T2 towards Barcelonnette. The Maritime Alps and the Mercantour National Park offer us a multitude of extraordinary panoramas which are among the most beautiful mountains in Europe. The initial route includes the passage to the Col de la Bonnette, the highest peak in Europe in cycling. The options available to you depending on the weather conditions at the time:

Col de Turini | Col de la Bonnette | Col d'Allos | Col de la Cayolle | Col Saint Martin

MercantourMan XTREM 2023 - Gravel Bike - MTB
238K crossing | 6000D +

Departure T1: Eze seaside - Port Silva Maris
Arrival T2: Barcelonnette and / or surroundings

To be chosen when you register, the Gravel bike route option (or MTB of your choice) will allow you to be more immersed in nature, on the trails that allow you to use two Gravel wheels. We have cut out an itinerary for you that mixes asphalt and track in nature. You will need to provide Bikepacking equipment ("saddlebags" for the frame, saddle, handlebars) in order to slip in your compulsory sleeping, food and other equipment. The first Ironman Adventure Triathlon of its kind which allows a crossing in autonomy, in nature with typical sleeping arrangements La Baroudeuse unpaved.
Gravel recommended: development 30 or 32 (if single plate) 11-42 / 46/52 (cassette). Tires 27,5 ”x 2.00 or 700x43mm minimum.

MercantourMan XTREM 2023 - Trail running
42K crossing | 1600D +

Departure T2: Barcelonnette and / or surroundings
Arrival: Embrun - Lakeside

The Crossing of part of the mountain ranges of the Ubaye in Trail running will end an intense Adventure. Fatigue will be present to the depths of your body, the day will come to an end and the sun will set so that you can contemplate and feel the pulse of your planet. Take advantage of these moments, capture each moment, plug in your headlamp and venture to the top of the Ubaye at an altitude of 2700m before switching to the descent that will gradually lead you to the arrival in Embrun.
Freedom is earned, only the finishers can brandish their Rudius symbol of absolute freedom!

The sports coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the south-east of France, in the heart of the Mercantour National Park in the Department of the Alpes Maritimes. Departure from Cap d'Ail and Eze seaside located between Nice and Monaco.

The MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon is an Adventure in the form of a long distance Triathlon approaching so-called “ironman” distances. It is an Extreme event where the challenge is to cross the whole of the Alpes Maritimes in a triathlon in order to reach Embrun by combining Swimming - Cycling and Trail on demanding courses with steep drops. The initial project represents the cycling and trail routes described above. They could be changed if the weather and nature did not allow us to pass safely. We would switch to a Replica project still with the aim of regaining Embrun.

The goal is to gain freedom, and how?

By finishing the course and following the GPX tracks provided a few hours before the start. Like a Gladiator who wins all his fights and wins his freedom, you will have to win yours against this extraordinary course and cross the finish line without having left the planned route. You can then brandish your wooden sword, symbol of freedom: the Rudius!

To participate is to validate one of the three tests of the [rudius challenge]

It is above all an Adventure and a personal challenge in total autonomy. The objective is to finish the event by following a GPX track provided. At the end of the event, we will publish a listing of all the finishers. Each finisher will be rewarded with an engraved wooden sword, symbol of freedom of the Gladiators: the Rudius.

The Mercantourman will be secure thanks to the geolocation service that we will make available to you in order to know your exact location of your progress. You will have to respect the highway code throughout your journey. No flagger will be present at the intersections you come across. You will have to respect the highway code and be attentive at intersections. You are independent.

Yes, you can register for a team of two triathletes. The DUO will have to travel together the entire MercantourMan. The final time will be established when the two triathletes have crossed the finish line together. Each will be equipped with a GPS beacon.

DUO finishers will be listed as such.

Yes, for this third edition, we are opening registrations to people who wish to make the crossing in the form of a relay. The team must be made up of 2 to 3 triathletes who will have to distribute the sports as they wish.
Example team of 3: athlete A swimming, athlete B rolling, athlete C running.
Example team of 2: athlete A swimming, athlete B rolling, athlete A running. (or in the order you want)

RELAY finishers will be listed as such. Only one rudius will be offered for the entire relay team. (not one per person)

265,00 € for the MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon - Road version - solo. (In DUO: 265,00 € / pers.)
€312,00 for the MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon – Gravel – MTB – solo version. (In DUO: €312,00 / pers.)

€345,00 for the MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon – Road version (Relay 2 or 3 triathletes)
€392,00 for the MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon – Gravel version – MTB (Relay 2 or 3 triathletes)

Please note, from January 1 the rates are increased by 20%.


  • The GPX track of your route.
  • Security service: live tracking geolocation during your adventure with a high-precision service. Your loved ones will be able to follow you at any time. (The price includes the rental of the GPS beacon)
  • Insurance security service included: rescue costs | rescue fee | Repatriation assistance | cover in the event of damage caused to a third party | medical, surgical expenses, etc.
  • A bottle of Brasserie Gladius 33 cL craft beer.
  • The official MercantourMan XTREM Triathlon cap.
  • A personalized refueling bag.
  • A Rudius, engraved wooden sword for finishers only, symbol of your success and freedom.

[ see 2022 regulations in PDF ] We must make sure to rigorously select each triathlete, not for the performance side but above all for the skill side. Clearly, we don't care about the fastest athlete on the circuit, what we want is athletes who know how to manage an unforeseen situation, hypothermia, face complex situations towards themselves or the nature…etc The selection is made on several criteria.
Anyone can apply in order to highlight their experience and sports CV. We obviously want triathletes who have experience in endurance sports in general and not necessarily only triathlon.


  • ultra trail, trail, your solo adventures.
  • triathlon, ironman, xtrem ironman and others.
  • various adventure raid.
  • your various and varied solo trips.
  • your ability to cope with the unexpected.


  • explain to us why you want to carry out this MercantourMan Xtrem Triathlon project?
  • The selection will also focus on the mental aspect. We want triathletes who know what they are getting into by taking the start of a Triathlon in total autonomy, without assistance, in the universe that is the mountain.The MercantourMan Xtrem is renowned as one of the most demanding triathlons in the universe of the triple effort.
  • We also want a state of mind in line with our values ​​and the idea we have of Adventure.
  • It is finally and above all to pedal in order to gain your freedom by brandishing your Gladiator sword: the rudius.
  • Friday 16 / 06 / 23 

> 9h: Meeting at T1, ie at the Silva Maris port in Eze seaside: Reception of participants.
> 9 a.m. to 17 p.m .: Individual verification of compulsory equipment for the 3 sports. Once your equipment has been checked, you can leave the premises and return for the briefing.
> 17 p.m. to 17:45 p.m .: Presentation + briefing - instructions on the Adventure.
> 17:45 p.m. to 18:15 p.m .: Official distribution of GPS beacons.

  • Saturday 17/06/23 

> 5h to 5h25: Preparation for the start of the swim at Cap d'Ail – Plage la Mala.
> 5:30 a.m.: Official start of the MercantourMan XTREM.
> 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m.: Drop off of bikes at T1 by each staff team of triathletes.
> 7 am to 8:45 am: Arrival of the swimmers.

  • Sunday 18 / 06 / 23

> from 17/06 at 23:59 p.m. - midnight to 0/00 at 18:06 p.m. - midnight: Reception of finishers at Lac d'Embrun.

  • Mercantourman with road bike route:

The challenge is to do it in less than 24 hours in order to gain your freedom and win your Rudius: Gladiator's Engraved Wooden Sword. Beyond 24 hours, you will be considered finisher but without winning the Rudius. It is not forbidden to arrive after this time, however we will not necessarily be able to ensure your personalized welcome.

  • Mercantourman with gravel bike route - mtb: 

The challenge is to do it in less than 41 hours in order to gain your freedom and win your Rudius: Gladiator's Engraved Wooden Sword. Beyond 41 hours, you will be considered finisher but without winning the Rudius. It is not forbidden to arrive after this time, however we will not necessarily be able to ensure your personalized welcome.

You (participating triathlete) or your Media team can make your adventure public by sharing photos and videos on social networks.

Completely free Media if:

The photos and videos that will be relayed on social networks and in the press before, during and after the event concern the athlete only. Only the athlete can be tagged and named using the "@" and "#". It will be totally excluded to tag Marks that could be assimilated to commercial advertising.

If you do not respect this rule, the athlete will be liable for the media cost which concerns him or he will be excluded from the race and will not be considered a finisher and therefore not classified. We will ensure that this rule is respected, a social media team will be dedicated to it.

Purchase of a Media Pack if:

You represent one or more Brands during The Mercantourman XTREM Triathlon. All photos and videos taken, whether they are relayed on social networks during and after the event by "@" and "#" tags, or whether they are part of a collection of images in order to Allowing the production of an advertising film afterwards or otherwise will be considered Commercial Advertising.

If a Media team wishes to follow you in order to promote you and one or more Brand (s) through the event via social networks, film editing or any other press advertising return, we invite you to purchase a Media Pack when you register.

If you do not respect this rule, the athlete will be liable for the media cost which concerns him or he will be excluded from the race and will not be considered a finisher and therefore not classified. We will ensure that this rule is respected, a social media team will be dedicated to it.

> media pack cost for a brand (a sponsor): €62
> media pack cost for two brands (two sponsors): €114
> media pack cost for three brands (three sponsors): €155
> media pack cost for four brands and more (four sponsors and more): €206

Yes, you must be equipped with a GPS: the Cycling & Trail routes will be sent to you a few hours before your departure by email in the form of a GPX trace to be loaded into your GPS and followed on the day of departure.

There will be no signalman, there will be no markup, everything will be done thanks to your GPX and / or KML traces to be loaded into your watches and / or counter and especially your mobile phone that you must have with you.

The Rudius Challenge concerns the most extreme and versatile Adventurers of ultra-endurance.
Find information about the Rudius Challenge here.

Any participant in the Challenge will receive a registration number that they will keep on each event.


Taking into account the announced vertical drop of 5500D +, the road bike is the right bike to participate in the adventure. Prefer a section of comfort tires from 28. The choice of material is at your convenience, we are on an ultra practice with a strong drop. The overall weight of the material is important but the comfort is certainly more and not to be neglected.
Level gear, plan what road bikes offer more flexible: 34 x 36 to be sure that in case of difficulty, you can move forward without forcing with a loaded bike.


Gravel bikes must allow the mounting of tires of 650 x 2,00 ”minimum section or 700 x 43mm minimum. Gravel bikes offer more mounting opportunity for development. Opt for a 32 to 34 platter and an 11-42 / 46 cassette.

On the date of the event, if you arrive in the middle of the night, we advise you to have a tent available thanks to your Staff. You can spend the night by the lake.
There are a multitude of campsites nearby that will allow you to pitch a tent, rent a small chalet or mobile home.

We remind you that you will be visible thanks to a high precision Live Tracking system which will allow us to know your exact location.
If you wish to withdraw, you must notify the organization by phone call and / or text message to signal your withdrawal from the event. You will then have to return your GPS beacon in order to recover your deposit check of 200 €.

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