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6 routes to choose from


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The Gravel Camp CMT is intended for riders who wish to live a micro adventure for 2 to 3 days on gravel courses in the hinterland of Nice and Monaco with comfort. The village of La Turbie, which hosts the great adventures of La Baroudeuse, will be the point of departure and arrival of 6 different circuits of great beauty that will allow you to discover the riches and the most emblematic points of view of the Alpes Maritimes. Every day, at the end of your ride, you will have access to the showers, to the closed and secure room of La Turbie to sleep and to all the restaurants of the village to eat. So you can fully enjoy your ride the next day.

Xplore ride #1

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

100K – 2500D+ – gpx track

The hinterland is magical! This tour is exceptional because it will offer you totally incredible panoramic views. You will evolve between villages, secondary roads and tracks. You just won't want it to end!

Xplore ride #2

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

100K – 2500D+ – gpx track

This tour is exceptional because you will discover that it is possible to pass through the mountains by small simple singles when you know them well. You will discover still other villages, panoramas and you will ask for more!

Xplore ride #3

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

100K – 2500D+ – gpx track

This ride is the wildest of the three offered. You will have this unique sensation of feeling in a foreign country, as if you were going to travel to another continent. A fauna and a flora will open up to you and you will be bewitched! You will want this stay of sporting discovery to continue but for that, you will have to go to the next level: the BAROUDUSE UNPAVED or TRANSLAPES.

The courses have been optimized in order for you to have fun through small roads, beautiful tracks and some fun singles. You will discover breathtaking panoramas that will immerse you in the atmosphere of the great adventures that we offer at La Baroudeuse. The Côte d'Azur is above all the mountains, nature, spaces, natural parks, fauna and flora. We want you to discover all this, all you have to do is load your GPX tracks and follow them to fully enjoy your days.

 »Last ascent before the next one. »

Discovery ride #1

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

60K – 1300D+ – gpx track

Here is a circuit that will give you wings! This is a first day that will give you the opportunity to pedal at an altitude of 700m on the edge of the cliff with the sea as a panoramic view. You will feel incredible sensations of escape and freedom.

Discovery ride #2

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

60K – 1400D+ – gpx track

Circuit 2 will be the wildest of your series! You will never be very far as the crow flies from the seaside and yet you will have this unique feeling of being so far away. You will not have this impression of being on the Côte d'Azur, the escape is guaranteed!

Discovery ride #3

Departure and arrival from La Turbie village.

60K – 1500D+ – gpx track

We want in this circuit to share with you the contrast of the seaside and nature so close to a few turns of the crank when you know your amusement park well! That's why you're going to head towards Menton and then go looking for a bit of height and 200% tranquility! You will love it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the south-east of France, near Nice in the Alpes Maritimes, in the typical village overlooking Monaco: La Turbie

The Gravel Camp CMT is for people who want to pedal on quality gravel routes in medium mountains and live a micro-adventure in their own way over 2 to 3 days, without worrying about where they can sleep, eat, wash.
You will follow your GPX tracks that we will provide you with, you will only think about pedaling and enjoying your days of cycling.

So that everyone can find something for themselves and that there is something for all levels, we have carefully studied 3 courses of around 100K and 2500D+ and 3 other courses of around 60K and a maximum of 1400D+.

We will provide you with the toilets every evening so that you can shower and sleep in peace in the dryness of a room in the village of La Turbie provided just for you. You will simply need to provide your inflatable mattress and your sleeping bag. People who want to sleep under the stars will have a dedicated space outside.

No, it's not a race, it's above all a micro-adventure where the main objective is that you enjoy the beauty and richness of the courses. We offer you this format because we know that many people like to travel while keeping a part of comfort and hygiene. The Gravel Camp is an invitation to micro-trips on tracks and small roads.

Have fun on your bikes!

The prices are:

€160,00 (ongoing): Gravel Camp Xplore | pack 3 different courses of approximately 100K – 2500D+
€120,00 (ongoing): Gravel Camp Discovery | pack 3 different courses of approximately 60K – 1400D+

Please note, from January 1 the rates are increased by 20%.


  • The GPX tracks of your routes that you will receive a few days before your departure.
  • A bottle of Brasserie Gladius 33 cL. *
  • The official La Baroudeuse cap. *
  • A personalized refueling bag. *
  • The possibility of sleeping on site the day before your departure and each evening after your ride for 3 days. (Equipment required from you: mattress, sleeping bag)
  • Sanitary service, shower offered for 3 days in a secure room.
  • Meal offered during the welcome party on Saturday 20/07 in the evening with all the riders of La Baroudeuse Organization. [ at the end of your first day of riding ]

* You will need to be present at briefing and on arrival to receive your endowments. If you had to leave the premises quickly upon your arrival, your endowment and your personal belongings left during your journey can be sent to you at your expense.

Yes, you must be equipped with a GPS: the routes you have chosen will be sent to you by email in the form of GPX tracks to load into your GPS and follow on the day of departure. You are advised to load your tracks in your smartphones also in order to have your routes duplicated.

Welcome and different departures

  • Friday, July 19, 16 p.m.: reception of participants in the village of La Turbie.

Distribution of your goodies + briefing and general instructions on the routes.

  • Saturday July 20 at 6 a.m.: start of ride #1.
  • Saturday evening July 20: convivial meal with all the Adventurers of La Baroudeuse Organisation. [ UNPAVED ADVENTURE – TRANS ALPS – GRAVEL CAMP ]
  • Sunday 21 July 5 a.m.: mass start of all Gravel Camp ride #2 distances + Baroudeuse unpaved + Trans Alpes.
  • Monday, July 22, 6 a.m.: start of ride #3.


Reception of arrivals from the different routes from Monday July 22 to Sunday July 28 at 19 p.m.

Yes, you can register as a team of two cyclists. The DUO will have to cover all the tracks together.

The Rudius Challenge concerns the most extreme and versatile Adventurers of ultra-endurance.
Find information about the Rudius Challenge here.

Any participant in the Challenge will receive a registration number that they will keep on each event.

The Gravel Camp is intended for gravel practitioners. Nevertheless, we absolutely do not close the door to riders equipped with mountain bikes.
We advise you to equip your gravel bikes with a tire section of at least 40mm. The ideal section being between 43mm and 47mm.

Important point not to be overlooked: your gears! If you want to make the most of your days on the bike, then turn your legs, even if you are tired or even hypoglycemic. You must have the ability to turn your legs and avoid force passes. The mountain is open to everyone if you simply have the right gears. The modern bicycle now allows us to do this without any problem.

Example of gear ratio in single chainring: chainring from 30 to 36 depending on levels and cassette 11 > 42 (see +)
Example of double chainring gear: chainrings 33 – 46 and cassette 11 > 36 (see +)

Yes, you will find a “little casino”, 2 bakeries, 2 butchers, many restaurants & a bike shop: VELO BAO.

Nice airport is located 25K - 500d + from the host village.

The nearest train station is 8K - 500d + from the host village.

Note that the village is 500m above sea level. You will therefore have a climb to come and a descent for the return.

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