The villages start & finish from La Baroudeuse


Sea view - village of La Turbie - 500m altitude - Photo credit Nicolas Abassit Photographie

La Baroudeuse takes place in the Côte d'Azur, it's true. The Riviera resonates in your head as a synonym of money, luxury, road traffic, stress, "have you seen me", danger by bike. You say to yourself, but what am I going to do in the southeast and risk my life on my bike!

We are not going to deny that: it is true, it is true. But the Côte d'Azur is not just that, says Ch'ti who writes this article and who put down his bags almost 15 years ago. The Côte d'Azur remains on the coast and La Baroudeuse takes place in the mountains. Go 5 to 10K inland and you will immediately see the greatest wealth of this region which was influenced for several centuries by the Ancient crusades: indeed, there are many Roman roads here.

Agriculture and animal husbandry made it possible to survive in the mountains. The typical villages will leave you speechless and it is at home, in France, in the Alpes Maritimes.

Departure UNPAVED RACE - La Turbie village - Photo credit Cathy Behe

The host site of the Baroudeuse UNPAVED RACE which takes place from July 5 to 14, 2019 is the village called La Turbie 8K from Monaco, 10K from Nice and Menton and which overlooks all this at 500m altitude with as emblem the Trophy of the Alps or Trophy of Augustus erected as a symbol of the Roman conquest. Breathtakingly beautiful, this village is positioned between the sea and the Mercantour mountains.

You will find all the shops you need as soon as you arrive to eat, drink and sleep. A small supermarket "Petit Casino", two bakeries, a butcher, hotels and restaurants. Be careful, no bus station, you will have to ride by bike if you want to get around a bit or by bus, taxi or other. To go up from Monaco to La Turbie by bike, count 45 'to 1 hour in "quiet" mode with tourist stops and photos taken.
La Turbie - departure village of La Baroudeuse UNPAVED 2019
La Turbie: a typical and representative village of the Côte d'Azur, the Maritime Alps where the Trophée d'Auguste proudly stands.
Overlooking the bay of Monaco and offering a unique panorama over the entire Côte d'Azur, you will discover the Trophée d'Auguste de La Turbie, one of the rare ancient buildings of this type still preserved today. Beautiful.
La Turbie - Trophy of the Alps




Peille - start village of La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Photo credit Nicolas Abassit Photography

The Baroudeuse ROAD RACE which takes place from August 20 to 30, 2019 will take place in the medieval village of Peille. 10K from La Turbie towards the mountains, this is the village where you will find the famous Col de la Madone (this is where the story of the Madone Trek began thanks to Lance Armstrong who trained here during his career and on a Trek). Peille is also known thanks to the ascent of the Col de St Pancrace (or La Grave de Peille) which is used every year by the runners of Paris Nice, a magnificent and selective climb! A wonder ! Meet on March 17 for the final precisely.

Artistic village, it is also great artists known worldwide who came to shoot their official video between Col de la Madone and Peille village, turn up the volume and enjoy:


Beyond its sporting aspect, Peille is very popular and visited by tourists who come to admire the panoramas which reach as far as the city of Nice. Stress, we leave it on the coast, we are at an altitude of 650m and it is good to live there.
Be careful, however, from the point of view of shops, in Peille, you will find Gîtes, 3 restaurants, a bakery open only in the mornings (except Wednesday) and that's it. You will have to plan accordingly or consider your last minute purchases in the village of La Turbie where you will be obliged (or almost) to pass.
To get to Peille, the question arises above all for the Titus RACE 800K and the Brutus RACE 400K since they will leave the village. The Magnus RACE 2700K will only arrive in the village as the riders will start from Slovenia.
Peille - starting village of La Baroudeuse ROAD RACE 2019 - Photo credit Nicolas Abassit Photography
In general, to return to the villages of the La Baroudeuse events, there are many access points to get to the scene:
1 - you have Nice airport.
2 - the train that can take you to Monaco or l'Escarène.
3 - a taxi that can bring you to the site with your equipment.
4 - a bit of all that and your bike ;-).
See you soon !
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