La Baroudeuse libre, pedals to find freedom and for a better world!

Winning your freedom is the slogan, the central axis and the very story of our extraordinary ultra cycling event that is La Baroudeuse. When you take the start of one of the La Baroudeuse distances, it is to try to gain your freedom by brandishing your wooden rudius once the finish line has been reached! But before being a test, it is a state of mind.


More than ever we need to find meaning in our lives, we need to feel free to think, move, act, travel. 


Pedal to be free! The bicycle trip offers this extraordinary feeling of freedom, let's find it for the good cause and not for the bad!


The political world associated with the media participate in compartmentalizing our world in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. This world seeks to control the uncontrollable and that divides everyone.

What is sad about it is that this concern for a pandemic is completely derisory in the face of the real and much more important problems which persist and which the political and journalistic world absolutely do not wish to question us on these questions, however fundamentally urgent.




  • What are we actually doing about global warming!
  • What do we do in the face of the millions of children who die of hunger in Africa every year, no one brings it to light and we are there to count the beds and ask the numbers !!!!!
  • What do we do about the oceans that are empty because of overfishing!
  • What are we doing about the global production of plastic to package our food, our mineral water!
  • What do we do with the global overpopulation that lurks us all over the planet!
  • What are we doing about global deforestation!
  • What do we do with the human being who kills the living from plant to animal nature in the sole interest of his own growth and expansion!
  • What do we do about the wars of religion that continue to kill 2021 years after the birth of a man supposed to be the creator!
  • What do we do about junk food in developed countries and all the diseases that result from it!
  • What do we do in the face of the human spirit which denies the real situation of the world!
  • What do we do about our mode of consumption, our way of raising livestock, poultry for the sole purpose of consuming it!
  • What do we do with all these supermarkets that have to be filled daily with dead animals within a 10K perimeter around your home, or the perimeter of a country, several countries ... for the sole purpose of feeding us! How many animals have to grow up in crappy conditions and die without dignity every day for our simple consumption! What do we do about this!
  • What are we doing about our policies! Should they not change since they are not acting for the good cause!


Covid is absolutely nothing in the face of all these real problems that will have a devastating effect on the WORLD that we will leave to our children tomorrow! Covid does not scare us, what scares us the most is the society that is being crushed by the political world who explains to us what is most important to them. This same political world which is leading our planet to ecological disaster and which helps the citizens to wear blinders.

No, we do not agree with our government leading the wrong fight. We do not agree with the policies of all countries which erect covid as the central and urgent global problem to be solved even though nothing is done about what is fundamental and ESSENTIAL: our planet earth and its living.


The Baroudeuse ROAD 


Nature is the most precious thing we have to protect. Defending it is what should mobilize us all, much more than covid-19! Today we put on masks in order to soon take the same place as the animals that we breed to eat them.

Yes we have proven with this covid that the world can mobilize to fight something if we are told to do so. It is time to take the right path, to take the right path in order to fight the right fights. What if we went up to Paris by bike to see Manu!

Long live freedom, long live travel, discovery, nature! Long live the Baroudeuse which is nothing without the right to freedom, without the nature in which we operate.
You will keep the right to try to gain your symbolic freedom. We are aware of the dirty world we live in every day and we hope to change course quickly.


Freedom friends and long live the rudius of freedom!


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking 
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