La Baroudeuse in a team of two



Because living an adventure alone is enriching and we all have needs and desires at times in our life or in our year, needs to be confronted with ourselves, to find a way, resources to move forward, to recharge your batteries. And there are other times when we want to share the things we care about, to do them discover, to advance together, to see and to marvel of everything that illuminates our present moment.

You would like to participate in The Baroudeuse Race 2019 but you are afraid of finding yourself alone in front of yourself or in front of a wolf, a bear, an eagle, a vulture, a marmot.

We all need a photographer to capture our journey.


You would like to know this experience of pedaling day and night, lasting several hours in the heart of fantastic landscapes but alone in the dark, you have your senses awake, the heart rate which rises at the slightest noise that you do. aren't used to hearing. You would like to have at your side a person who would support you and allow you to make this experience magical by contemplating the stars serenely; we have a solution for you, you can take the start with your buddy, your wife, your man. You can participate in the event in teams of two!

The trick is to have a bike each, no crazy idea to start with a tandem either! We know you ...

You will have to start together and cross the finish line together so that we can count your time and your team classification.

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