La Baroudeuse unveils the CP of the Titus 1200K

Initially known under a shorter distance, many riders had come to mark their performance on the fabulous and demanding course that was the Titus 800K. We decided to spice up the adventure even more by increasing the total distance of the course to 1200K and 28Kd +.


Longer yes and at the same time less demanding than the 800K on half of the course, this brand new route will allow riders to travel from Provence to Grenoble via the Parcs du Verdon, Baronnies Provençales and Vercors.
The return to the fold to try to gain one's freedom will be via the high mountains and many mythical passes. This is where the adventure will intensify because it is in this world of the Alpine pastures that real adventures are forged.


Discover the 12 Checkpoints of the Titus 1200K which will animate the event:


Checkpoint 1: Gréoux les bains - km200

Checkpoint 2: Aouste sur Sye - km 400

Checkpoint 3: Grenoble CP Alpha Bike - km 540

Checkpoint 4: Col du Galibier - km 688

Checkpoint 5: Col de l'Izoard - km 743

Checkpoint 6: Col d'Agnel - km 783

Checkpoint 7: Col Sampeyre - km 830

Checkpoint 8: Col de la Fauniera - km 873

Checkpoint 9: Col de la Lombarde - km 929

Checkpoint 10:  Col de la Bonette - km 989

Checkpoint 11: Col de la Cayolle - km 1048

Checkpoint 12: Col de Turini - km 1180


Now it's up to you Gladiators to gain your freedom during this unique adventure in the heart of some of the most beautiful landscapes in France and Europe.


Titus 1200K - La Baroudeuse 2021 [reco]
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