La Baroudeuse in the heart of many Natural Parks

The Baroudeuse Adventure brings together riders eager for bikepacking in total autonomy. The environment in which the Gladiators will evolve in search of their freedom while attempting to cross the finish line are preserved natural spaces which are classified among the most beautiful National Parks in France.


Alpes Maritimes - Hautes Alpes - Alpes de Haute Provence




It is through the main gate that the adventure will begin since at the start of the Alpes Maritimes, the first park that will open its arms to riders is the Mercantour National Park, which is one of the most unspoiled wild spaces in France. Governed by strict regulations, the PNM respects itself. The fauna and flora are incredible and beware of falling on the descents where it is very common to see marmots running along the roadside and near the bicycle wheels.

If you are lucky, you may see a wolf but for that open your eyes wide because it is often they who see you and not the other way around. In 2018, a rider was lucky enough to come face to face (or almost) with a lone wolf. Unrealistic scene at an altitude of 2100m isolated from everything in a mineral, magical landscape!

You will appreciate the change in vegetation of the Mercantour Park which varies according to the valleys and the altitude. The colors of the rocks will also not leave you indifferent, as the color palette will evolve over the kilometers.
In its center and which dominates the entire Mercantour Park: the Col de la Bonnette at more than 2800m will be your observation pontoon towards what remains to be accomplished.


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking - Mercantour




La Baroudeuse Bikepacking Verdon

The Parc des Pré Alpes d'Azur near that of the Gorges du Verdon is the sector where you will gain the least height. Not that the difference in altitude will not be linked, on the contrary, but you will evolve between 600m and 1500m of maximum altitude which means that this will be the sector where it could be the hottest depending on the climatic conditions that you will have to that time.
The Gorges du Verdon are steeped in and you will discern the cliffs which dominate a Canyon which is the most beautiful in Europe. You will appreciate having a bird's eye view of a breathtaking natural domain and will be immersed in the very heart of an exceptional National Park preserved by man.

If you are not used to being alone in front of nature, then you will be faced with it.
Stop pedaling, stop everything, land on the side of the path and listen to the silence, the breeze, nature and the animals that express themselves. Take the time to appreciate all these unique moments that you will go through during your journey. It is an incredible chance to cross these fabulous landscapes, so know how to make the most of them.




How to find the words when you enter the Kingdom of Ubaye. It will be with turns of the cranks and meter after meter that you will gain altitude to accomplish one of the longest climbs in one go of the adventure by taking 2000m positive.

Once at the top and the Parpaillon Tunnel crosses, you will switch to another world, much more lunar in the Kingdom of Ubaye. You will have to stay focused in this descent without trap which will amaze you to such an extent that the lack of concentration could push you to the fault.
You will still have to stop many times to listen, contemplate and respect these magical and energetic places.


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking - Ubaye


The National Park of ECRINS - QUEYRAS - LA VANOISE - LE GRAN PARADISO will complete this extraordinary adventure which will mark you all your life.


The riders of the Trans Alpes Magnus Adventure 2850K will have an itinerary that will allow them to pass through the most beautiful sectors of each Country.

The country of Slovenia is a National Park in itself where you will surely fall in love with the purest river in Europe: the Soca.
Austria will allow you to discover valleys that can only be found in fairy tales of incredible purity. The landscapes of Italy can be compared to those of France with the Dolomites which will imbue you with an incredible force linked surely to their gastronomy well above what we do in France, you will judge for yourself.
La Suisse will take you from a green slope to another completely mineral where the contrast will force you to clean your glasses as you will have difficulty discerning the colors that nature is able to offer in so few kilometers. So, no, don't change your glasses, it's totally normal!


The Baroudeuse Bikepacking Adventure can offer you a more or less long journey in universes that will transport you for several months after your finish line has been crossed. And if we can completely change your life like it changed ours then we are not going to deprive ourselves of it!


See you soon, rider friends ...


La Baroudeuse Bikepacking - Dolomites
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