Closing date for La Baroudeuse 2020 registrations

Covid-19 has turned 2020 upside down and will shake up our future again, that's for sure. It is a simple observation of the reality of the moment. However, as far as La Baroudeuse is concerned, we are not worried, the borders are open and our event is on a human scale, completely manageable while respecting the rules in force. Far from an audience of 5000 people! In short, incomparable.

Because we put ourselves in the shoes of practitioners who would like to register but who are afraid that:

  • the event is canceled.
  • and therefore not to be reimbursed.

We have decided to postpone the closing date for registrations as much as possible. You will have until Sunday August 16 to register for one of the events of your choice.
For the two Gravel distances of 120K and 70K that we offer, you can even register until Thursday August 27.


Reminder of the agenda - program:


The 29/08 #GRAVEL EVASION "Bread and games"
• Carthage 120K • 3500d +
• Ben Hur 70K • 1800d +
Register by clicking here

From 15> 30/08 #ROAD
• Trans Alpes Magnus 2800K • #tar2 #tamr2
• Titus 800K • 19000d +
• Brutus 400K • 10000d +

From 22> 30/08 #UNPAVED  (mtb - gravel ++ - monstercross)
• Augustus 1000K • 25000d +
• Quintus 650K • 18000d +
• Maximus 317K • 8500d +

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