COVID-19 | Official press release

In a context where all National and International events are canceled until July 31, Regional events are likely to be strongly impacted during the month of July. Our desire is to ensure your safety and respect your preparation as much as possible. It's a complex situation for everyone and we have to try to make the best decision.


We choose to postpone The UNPAVED Race Baroudeuse. Our goal is to organize it at the same time as The Baroudeuse ROAD Race end of August. The place is somewhat modified for the UNPAVED since you will take the start at Peille village which is 10K next to the village of La Turbie. It will therefore also be the arrival village. Everything will be organized in the village of Peille. Obviously provided that the sporting events of August can take place and we are very optimistic at this level. We are going to stick to the Road Race times, i.e. the starts will be organized as follows:

  • The 317K (unpaved) and 400K (road) races will be grouped together: Briefing Thursday August 27 at 17pm | Departure Friday August 28 at 5 a.m.
  • The 650K (unpaved) and 800K (road) races will be grouped together: Briefing Tuesday August 25 at 17pm | Departure Wednesday August 26 at 6 a.m.
  • The 1150K (unpaved): Briefing Saturday August 22 at 17 pm | Departure Sunday 23 August at 6 a.m.

Of course, you will keep the same conditions and you can sleep on site in the village the day before your departure in a room provided for this purpose. For this, you must be equipped with your sleeping material (mattress + sleeping bag ...)


Postponement or reimbursement before May 10, 2020

Each participant will receive an email entitled:  "COVID-19 REPORT Unpaved Race", please answer it before May 10 to confirm your participation in August or ask us to reimburse your registration.

This reimbursement is part of an exceptional COVID-19 framework. After May 10, your request for reimbursement will no longer be taken into account for any reason whatsoever (except for participants who have taken out cancellation insurance which is valid until the day before departure).


You can always register

Registrations therefore remain open for The UNPAVED Race Baroudeuse et The Baroudeuse ROAD Race until Sunday August 9, 2020. We obviously hope that the situation will return to normal with a resumption of outdoor activities after May 11.

Let's stay positive and see you in August!

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