Live Tracking Access - La Baroudeuse UNPAVED Race 2019

The Gladiators get pampered while waiting to enter the arena of The UNPAVED Race 2019 Baroudeuse !


Will they gain their freedom? Will they reach the end of the course? Will they win the ultimate Rudius who will set them free?


For this, they will have to fight above all with themselves with intelligence and foresight. You can follow all the adventures of the riders of The Baroudeuse Bikepacking UNPAVED Race 2019 by clicking on the following link from your computer:

login : labaroudeuse

Password : race2019


To follow the riders on your mobile phone, please download the app iZi Track in your Playstore from your phone. (identical username & password)


Let the party begin !



Augustus race 1150K: briefing Friday 5/07 at 18 p.m. - START Saturday at 30 a.m.

Quintus race 650K: briefing Monday 8/07 at 18 p.m. - START Tuesday at 30 a.m.

Maximus race 317K: briefing Thursday 11/07 at 18 p.m. - START Friday at 30 a.m.


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